Saturday, 2 July 2011


I've just picked up this fallen 'diseased' Quince leaf; isn't it wonderful!!

Occasionally nature's design department takes me by surprise, and gives me a good slapping. A few years back there was an unfortunate street fashion for camouflaged clothing; the designers (?) could 'literally' have taken a leaf out of the Quince book.

The Army does, of course, still wear such clothing, so if they're looking for new designs, they know where to come!... Cro's Natural Camouflage Co.
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  1. Fabulous and so much prettier than the desert like camouflage used.
    Good luck in the fashion design world
    Helen Tilston

  2. I may have had a dress that looked like that.

  3. Beautiful! That cloth design would work well in our woods. Kat

  4. I must admit Cro, I have fallen foul of the fashionistas regarding 'camo' jackets and army style clothing.

    My only excuse is that I always dress like I'm going fishing anyway. Something subliminal going on there I think...

  5. "I've just picked up this fallen 'diseased' Quince leaf; isn't it wonderful!!"!

  6. Camouflaged clothing - ugh, diseased Quince leaf - pretty. There is beauty in everything, well almost everything.


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