Thursday, 14 July 2011


It always happens. Just when Haddock's is producing like crazy, it begins to rain and everything suddenly grows even faster. Keeping up with it all becomes an almost impossible task, so a few minutes gathering provides all that's needed to make my delicious lunchtime COMPOST SOUP.

This is the exact method, and exact list of ingredients.

Fry 1 crushed bulb of garlic in 2 teaspoons of duck fat. Add a glass of white wine, a litre of water, a chicken stock cube, lemon juice, and all sorts of other favourite herbs spices and flavourings. Add whatever chopped vegetables you have to hand, add a squeeze of tomato purée, and simmer gently for 20 mins.

Correct the seasoning, then serve drizzled with good olive oil, and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

All veg' gardeners make their own version of COMPOST SOUP, and all are delicious; even though their names may vary. Potage, Minestrone, and even our own winter version of 'Nourishing' Compost; they all fill the belly and keep our energy levels up up up.

Viva Soup-rima Composta!..... What do you call yours?
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  1. That's a great name - compost soup! Might just make some for lunch today (if I can find my way to the potager through the fog!).

  2. Well whatever it is called it sounds great,compost seems a great name ..we have Rabbit stew on the go as we speak Bobs favourite,Mum can't face it as she was young in the depression and remembers the Rabbit man coming around and he told them he just cut the mixo out of them,since then she can't face it so for her sausages but she insists on the beautiful gravy from the stew lol...enjoy your lovely dinner.

  3. Hello:
    This sounds to be very good indeed. As you say, simple and nourishing.

    Tímea, last weekend, made us a chilled blackberry soup which was positively delicious. The blackberries came from the outside market - we thought that they seemed very early. Aren't they normally late August/September in the UK?

  4. H. Our blackberries are just about to start fruiting. I always make Bramble Jelly, but have never had them in soup!

  5. a new name may get people eating it a little faster!
    going gently

  6. Thanks for this inspiring post Cro. Time to clean out the vegetable bins in the fridge. Alas, we do not have a Haddocks, but I think (with the addition of a little pancetta) I can come up with a good version of Fridge Compost Soup!

  7. Jacqueline. May the compost be with you!

  8. It sounds heavenly. I love the idea with the wine. I do this type of soup or just throw everything in the pan and sauté it, add some baguette and my day is made! How I call mine? Summer soup or sunny soup. I love to freeze part of it and heat it in the winter on a really cold day and have those great memories of summer evoked by that delicious smell!

  9. Hi Cro Magnon! I keep visiting blogs and finding myself writing a comment just underneath yours so thought it was time I visited.

    I am a veggie gardener too and I agree that everything is suddenly ready at once. Alright - a freezer can deal with a glut of peas and broad beans (it is about to do so here in North Yorkshire) but what about things like beetroot and Swiss Chard and courgettes? Any new recipe is grasped with eagerness!

  10. Sounds delicious Cro. I'll give it a whirl.

    For a minute there I thought it was really going to be made from compost...not so tasty.

  11. I make mine exactly like yours, only I call it Farmer's Market Soup (since I don't have a garden). Oh, and I like a dollop of pesto on top, just before serving.

  12. I think I have been making compost stew without realising!


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