Monday 4 July 2011

Theo Jansen, and his wonderful babies.

No words for this..... Just sit back and enjoy; I know you will!

I have to thank my friend 'California Cathy' for introducing me to these works of genius.


  1. I recently received this by email and was fascinated by it all...

  2. They're great Cro aren't they. So complex and beautiful.

    I'd heard NASA were interested in his autonomous creatures as possible rovers on future Mars missions etc....

  3. That is amazing. They would have scared the hell out of when I was a kid.

  4. Extraordinary. How very clever.

  5. Fascinating.....I hope I never meet one in person when I am relaxing on the beach.

  6. Imagine the thoughts that go through his brain.... mind boggling (mine anyway) :o)

  7. Fabulous. And I can't help but think of The Wicker Man.

  8. bloody amazing
    now these would be a real bonus on the Olympic opening ceremony!


  9. Those are absolutely brilliant, Cro!

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