Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Tour de France.

I try to follow the last 15 mins of each day's stage of the Tour de France on TV, but it's not always possible. If it passes within a 30 min drive, I always go to watch. Luckily it's been through my neck-of-the-woods a couple of times recently, and it's an event not to be missed.

But don't think the Tour is all about bike-racing. Probably the most extraordinary bit is the pre-race 'caravan' that passes by about half an hour before the actual race. All sorts of freebies are handed out as they go by, and the advertising vehicles themselves are often spectacular.

Alternatively, if you watch the Tour on TV, then you have one of the very best Guided Tours of France imaginable; and, just to tempt you, it always ends in Paris on the Champs Elysée.

If you want spectacular crashes, drugs, and scandal; the Tour has all of that too. My recommendation is to watch the last 15 mins of each day's race, but you really do need to watch from day one, otherwise the complicated leader system (yellow jersey, etc) is rather meaningless!

Bloody POURING here; have a good Sunday.


  1. Alright Mr Magnon, I've been seeing your very interesting face popping up on some of the same blogs I follow so it was high time I jumped over your way.

    It was worth the leap

  2. Hi Cro, My cousins daughter is over there for the race, she goes every time it is on,she is amongst the riders that go before the race,they then watch as the "real" racers come in,Shelly loves it and has done this for the past 5 years. She is a very fortunate young lady to be able to do this.

  3. We had the race right in front of our house a few years ago and it was wonderful.
    I have a friend who is part of the caravan. He has done it for years and loves every minute of it. this year he actually got his picture and a half page article about him in La NR.

  4. It's my turn to say, "Could you send some of that rain our way?". We have had no rain for at least two weeks and the back yard is like cement.

  5. Try as I may Cro..I still can't figure the 'standings' system of this event. I do watch quite a bit of it though as the sheer stamina of these athletes is astonishing. Watched Stage 12 hill climb - unbelievable!

  6. How lucky for you to be so close and enjoy seeing it for real!

  7. Watching the race in person would be very exciting, and I'd much rather watch it than golf, although our Tom Watson just scored a hole-in-one at the British Open, wink ,wink.

  8. France is a gorgeous spot on the earth so if watching just to see the country and not all the biking...count me in!!
    PS...send some of that rain our way, please??

  9. Ah yes, the Tour de France. Rather confusingly, unless I'm hallucinating, I recall a stage of the tour, one year, was held in England.
    And being in England, I'm looking out my window at six in morning on Monday, at it's still bloody raining!


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