Friday, 15 July 2011


This time last week I mentioned that our weekly Thursday evening village 'picnics' had just started up again.

Unfortunately I also mentioned that the lady running the barbecued duck stall (and has the canning business) was married to our Mayor. Well it seems that I was wrong. She is in fact no relation to the Mayor whatsoever. Their family names, which both sound like Kal-May, are even spelled differently. So I apologise to all concerned.

I've been suitably chastised, and have had to write out 100 times 'Marie and Alain are NOT married'.

Also, I failed to show any pictures of last week's picnic-ing crowd, making it appear that no-one had turned up. So here's one of yesterday's little gathering instead (and NO, that's not Lady M in the photo).
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  1. What's wrong with the odd bit of match making! Looks like a great picnic! Happy Birthday to your son as well! Having a catch up on the blogs tonight!

  2. Tell THAT to News International! Too late, the harm has been done and the Euro is crashing.

  3. Is the Mayor going to sue?

  4. It's OK; no-one reads my blog!


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