Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mind the doors, please!

This female Chaffinch is the latest victim of our new plate-glass doors.

She was a bit groggy for a while, but eventually took to the skies again, and is no-doubt now telling all her chums about her adventure.

Had she been human, she would probably be spending the next few months in hospital, but being a mere birdie she just rested up a while, received a few kind words, then was gone.

Another 2 bizarre bird stories: A couple of days back a screaming Greater Spotted Woodpecker shot into the sitting room and was flying around like a bird possessed. I eventually had to catch it with one of the children's butterfly nets before releasing it outside. I think our Freddie (the cat) was behind its panic, I noticed that the poor thing had a drop of blood on its chest. Oh dear, I hope it's all right.

Then yesterday we were all up at the barn when a fledgling baby Redstart literally flew into my open hands. We all played with him for a while, then his mum came to fetch him home. All together now.... Ahhhhhh.

Saint Cro of Assisi?
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  1. Hello:
    Such is country life, or life in the country where one is much more aware of the ways of wildlife and what befalls them. It is always very distressing to see birds and animals in trouble.

  2. We get that a lot here Cro, birds always flying into windows. ''Pang!!'' another one hits at full speed.

    There's a mature Ash tree outside that the windows reflect. The cleaner the windows the more bird strike we get.

  3. Aren't they amazing,you would think the poor little fellow would be brain dead,bless you both for looking after him.O'h I forgot ahhhhh..

  4. I always think it's funny how green woodpeckers fly as if their engines are about to fail!

  5. Must be the beret attracting them Cro...

  6. Oh, you just reminded me of the bird that crashed into my window yesterday. He wasn't so lucky. Fall is a particularly bad season for our windows and birds. Something about the angle of the sun's reflection. It ruins my day! It sounds like you have better luck!

  7. You've gone to the birds over there.
    My mother in law (years ago now, she's gone) had a patridge fly right through her living room window. What a mess. Believe it or not that pin headed bird survived the crash.

  8. Great post saint Cro, we have a bird species here by a similar name the "Crow" big Black feathered devils they are too, not saying that YOU are a big Black feathered devil :o) just a bit of trivia. Nice to see the dear little bird survived her ordeal, enjoy your weekend, friend to the fractured,feathered, fearful ones.

  9. There's a nature center down the road with a bird watching room. The whole south wall is made up of windows, and there are quite a few bird impressions on the glass. There's something beautifully tragic about the faint transparent imprint of feathers.

  10. Sounds like a good argument for not washing the windows, eh? We haven't had any problems with birds flying into our windows here, but we did have one come down the chimney into our fireplace. He made quite a racket flapping around in the soot, but my husband managed to remove the cover and catch the little fellow. After he released him, I asked what kind of bird it was. His response? "Gray."

  11. St. Cro, indeed, patron saint of dazed birdies.

  12. I agree with Susan, an excellent reason for not washing the windows. Such a boring task and they only get dirty again.

    I used to have the odd bird crashing down my chimney so I had a little wire mesh hat made to fit over the top. Works a treat!


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