Monday, 11 July 2011

Eat yer heart out TS.

A visit yesterday to our local Rugby Club's boot sale (in the rain), produced this extraordinary old church candle stick.

It measures 1 metre 50 cms high, is made of brass, and is quite heavy (maybe 10  to 15 kilos).

Of course, it has no real age, I'd be surprised if it's even 100 years old.  It's origin is unclear, but it's probably been half-inched from some rural Latvian or Montenegrin church.

When I was still in the antique business, it's what we used to call 'a decorator's piece', which is exactly why I bought it!

Yes Siree, that's what I CALL a candlestick! A crazy lump of bling.
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  1. I like it Cro and it looks so good near your little window.

  2. Hello:
    A verey good find and a good size. And as 'A Blessed Life' says, it works really well in your tower.

  3. Looks like it won't be Russian anywhere it looks perfectly happy where it is...sorry the sick humour at it again!

  4. I liked your dead dog joke too!

  5. Bloody hell, Cro - that's a hell of a stick, and well suited to your little tower (which you might have to call your 'chapel' from now on). Haven't got a clue about it, other than it's what is known as 'Continental' here in the UK.

    How was it made? Cast? (and if so, is there a centre seam running horizontally?) Pressed or beaten? It looks as though you could choose the height by adding or detracting the sections that make up the stem. How much did it cost? (if that's not an impertinent question)

  6. It seems to be made of hollow pressed sections, but is quite heavy. The bottom part (samovar top?) is totally hollow. It cost a staggering €50. Must be worth it!

  7. Well worth it. Put it in the right auction in London and it would sell for about £3000, methinks. It looks 19th century to me.

  8. Put a clapper in the bottom part and your guests can ring your bell. Sorry Cro, I couldn't help myself. It looks great.

  9. Stunning Cro...and fits by that window beautifully!
    Thanks for the heads-up re the font...I've changed it...let me know what you think.

  10. Oh wow - that's gorgeous!

  11. Very nice indeed. Tom must be salivating. Imagine, a candle stick he doesn't have.

    Looks perfect in your tower. Love the tiled floor.

  12. oh cro
    you've set the old dufferoff again!

    I am preparing myself for another whole flurry of candlestick posts

    John gray
    I cant post !


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