Sunday 29 August 2010

The Sunday Dream: Istanbul.

I've made a last minute decision to visit Istanbul.

We'll be staying at the fabulous Sultanahmet Hotel in the old city, overlooking The Blue Mosque.

One of the great delights of Istanbul is, of course, the gastronomy. In Sultanahmet, near the tram stop, there is a line of superb 'koftecisi' (kofte restaurants), where for just a few £'s one can eat plates of grilled kofte with 'piyaz' salads of onions white beans and carrots. The only problem is making the decision about which restaurant to visit. Usually we plump for the Tarihi, where we ask for an upstairs table with views over The Blue Mosque. The food is excellent.

Lady M insists that we'll visit The Covered Bazaar, and The Spice Bazaar. Shopping is never far from her thoughts, and we'll arrive with near empty suitcases to allow for her whims. She'll buy expensive fragrances, spices, and pages of gold leaf. She'll look for antique carpets, rugs, and silverware. And no doubt she'll give in to pushy traders, and return with jewelry, leather goods, and silk scarves.

Now, who can we find to look after our Freddie whilst we're away? OK, maybe we'll go next month, or even in early spring. Oh, dammit; I'll just go on looking at the pictures in the travel brochure!

S W France is supposed to be lovely at this time of year!


  1. Oh your so like me Cro.I look, plan, look some more and then decide its just too pretty here to leave. Your food descriptions leave me salavating.

  2. Once again, I find myself envying you, Cro. I love old Istanbul. The covered market is amazing too - just so long as you don't want to buy caviar or carpets...

  3. Dreaming is fun, and free! But I hope you get to go sometime and make your dream come true.

  4. And just think Cro, travelling this luggage!

  5. I can smell that food cooking - and the thought of those markets...

  6. Let's all go on a dream holiday!

  7. Sounds fantastic. I want to go!!


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