Sunday 1 August 2010

My Sunday Moan: Higgs boson.

Don't you find the 'Higgs boson' theory absolutely grippingly fascinating!

Don't you just ache to read anything by the Australian whipper-snapper Sundance Bilson-Thompson, especially concering Loop Quantam Gravity.

Doesn't the Large Hadron Collider fill you with pride and admiration, and aren't we all so thrilled that it was built at such miniscule cost (£6.19 billion, $6 billion, €7.5 billion) to the international taxpayer.

Don't you become ecstatic at the very thought of discovering if some hypothetical elementary particle actually exists.

No, I didn't think you did. It bores me bloody stupid too.

Now, what other good works could we possibly have funded with over six billion quid (so far)?


  1. I was excited about it up until the point when we realised that it was NOT going to create a black hole which would destroy the solar system as soon as it was switched on. Now, that WOULD have been worth the money.

  2. At least a small BANG would have been nice!

  3. Yes, it did lose it's sense of danger and fascination when it was a miserable plink in history, don't you think?


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