Monday 30 August 2010

Sakineh Ashtiani.

Let he who hath not sinned, cast the first stone!

Just about everyone in the Free World knows that Iranian Sakineh Ashtiani has been sentenced to be stoned to death. Yes, we all laughed at the stoning sketch in The Life of Brian; but this is the REAL THING.

In 2006 Sakineh was found guilty of adultery and given 99 lashes. After false accusations in an entirely separate trial she was accused of the adultery having taken place prior to her late husband's death, and the stoning sentence was delivered in her absence; even though she had already received her Qu'ran designated punishment.

The young lady above (with the placard) is demonstrating on the streets of London; openly and shamelessly threatening the British non-Muslim world. I think she might be better employed looking to the welfare of her fellow Muslim sisters, who face daily threats of barbarism from both judicial and religious leaders, back in her own less tolerant homeland.

It only needs a few evil words from a rejected suitor, and she could find herself facing the same unjust and disgusting punishment as Sakineh.

I wrote in my sidebar that 'I make no judgements'. Well I'm breaking that promise because I (like so many millions across the world) feel so strongly about the plight of Ms Ashtiani. Please do whatever you deem possible to help this poor woman; and quite probably thousands of other women like her.


  1. Hi Cro,I agree with all you have said, I heard on our ABC radio the day that they announced this action and cannot believe that the world can allow such things ,we all need to do our best to change things and yes 1 person can make a difference and if enough do then it will all add up to many. Thanks for posting this Cro as we are all getting very blaze' about world happenings. Carole

  2. I've got a feeling they have commuted the stoning sentence to something else, Cro - but a week or so ago, they forced her to admit to guilt on state TV, so I don't know. I have a feeling that Iran is split into two countries - the sophisticated city dwellers, and the others who get up to this sort of practice in the country. Either way, it's still the hard right-wingers in government who condone it or legalise it. Iranians are wonderfully friendly and hospitable people, but - ever since they got rid of the Shah - have a bunch of complete B******** controlling them.

  3. Tom, the poor woman's situation seems to change by the hour. However, one thing is certain, they are determined to see her die whether it be by having rocks thrown at her head or by public hanging. Barbaric behaviour on any account.

    I had a friend who lived in Tehran in the days of The Shah. It was very much extreme rich and extreme poor in those days, and, of course, weekly public hangings. Not much has really changed; just the fear directed differently.

  4. The only thing we can do, I think, is write to our MP's in the hope a formal protest will be lodged.
    That's not going to save this woman, I know - international condemnation hasn't made an iota of difference in the past, all the same it should be done. And I'm surprised she survived the lashes, 95 is enough to kill.


  5. It breaks my heart. She could have done any crimes they are accusing her of, and it wouldn't matter, I still (like everyone here) wouldn't want to see her stoned or whipped. It's such a terrible mindset to think someone deserves punishment by torture. I wonder if they know about Karma?

  6. Let's hope they don't, Amy, and it comes as a BIG SHOCK.


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