Monday 2 August 2010

The Mich & Carly Show.

I've just been chucking out some old mags, and came across this one. Doesn't this picture from April 2010 make you CRINGE.

That Carly tilt of the head that says 'Look at us, we're the best of friends'. La Sarko is so nit-sharingly transparent.

Sarko to Mrs Sarko "I want you to cosy up to that woman. And I mean cosy, cosy, cosy".

Barry to Mrs Barry "Don't get too close to that French piece; she's trouble".

I think La Sarko won the instructions race, and this dreadful split-second photo was splashed all over the world.

How dreadfully embarrassing.

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  1. I have to say, Michelle does look a tad uncomfortable.

  2. The first lady does have a funny look on her face!

    I've got to weed out some of these magazines. I'm sitting in stacks of them as we speak. (Although, I've seen your studio, and I'll venture to say you might have a few more stacks than me!)

  3. no cro our squirrels are grey and I'm pretty much kidding about shooting them(its against the law I hear)but they tear up my bird feeders,terrorize my beloved birds, and eat all our filberts! Otherwise their darling.

  4. There's false! I can't stand 'false' either. Mind you, at this moment in time I don't think us Brits are flavour of the month over there either. Perhaps we'll see Jack 'Colgate flash smile' Straw arm in arm with the great man himself. Yay!!

  5. Molly. We're not flavour of the month in our own country either!!! Just imagine any other country in the world that banned citizens from flying its own country's flag. If they tried that in the US; there'd be lynchings.


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