Saturday 21 August 2010

Jemaa el Fna.

My yesterday's posting about 'Cumin' made me dream about my visits to Morocco.

One of the world's most extraordinay sights, and experiences, must surely be Marrakech's Place Jemaa el Fna.

By day it's filled with Snake Charmers, Story Tellers, and an assortment of Bizarre Merchants. By night it converts into a huge open-air restaurant, where individual stalls compete for business by chanting, drumming, and filling the air with wonderous smoke-filled aromas.

The food is superb. Everything is freshly cooked, reasonably priced, and served with great gusto by crisply white clad cooks. Do click on the picture above to enlarge.

There are certain things in the world that are definately a MUST. May I suggest that this is one.


  1. That looks and sounds wonderful - I can almost smell the aromas.

  2. It was also a set for a scene in 'Absolutely Fabulous', when the daughter gets sold to a local - they must have been brave to film there! Her indoors used to go to Morocco all the time, but I've never been.

  3. You should go Tom. It's an experience you'd never forget!

  4. I'd LOVE to go there....when I was 20, and backpacking across Europe, my two traveling companions (girls as well) nixed the foray into Morocco, fearing they'd be snatched up into white slavery, alas. I regret being too chicken to go alone, but in retrospect, perhaps that wasn't a bad idea. But it's still on the list!

  5. Cro - so many things I haven't done in my life! Morocco looks wonderful!

  6. Molly, you could take a 'weekend break' 3 night holiday to Marrakech for almost nothing. And you see a totally different world. It's what to do with all the animals etc that is the only problem.


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