Friday 6 August 2010

New Gate.

OK, this is what I'm building at the moment, and where Freddie left his signature (see yesterday), but by the time I post this (tomorrow/today) it will probably be more advanced, or even finished.

The walls of the 'tower' are up, and I'm connecting it to the house (just out of picture to the right) with this privacy-seeking, anti-noisy/annoying-neighbour, wall and gate. I really wanted a rusty old antique gate but the prices are prohibitive (up to €600). Eventually I plumped for this classic modern French gate, which will probably (in time) be re-painted dark green.

Where the piles of sand and gravel are, will become a parking area.

In all I have about a year's work ahead of me to get everything finished, rendered, foliage-draped, landscaped, and decorated. So much to do; so little time.....

Meanwhile, Lady Magnon is desperately trying to find more work for me. Her latest suggestion is a large, outdoor, wet-room, shower. Give us a break luv!
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  1. I am most impressed with your wall-building skills.

  2. I'm impressed by your wall too, Cro (but not the choice of materials - concrete block!?) I'm also relieved that you are not building a copy of Newgate Prison in your back yard.

  3. It's a question of practicality. Stone would have been great, but so expensive. When it's rendered and be-creepered, it'll all be hidden, and only the bits I want to see will be on view!

  4. I know, Cro. Sawn 6 sides, Bath stone currently costs about £60 per cubic foot here. I'd do the same. It's quicker too.


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