Thursday 5 August 2010

Paw Prints.

What is it about cats and wet concrete!

I'm in the process of building a gated wall between our new 'tower' and the house. One half is already done, and I'd just laid the concrete foundations for the other half when along comes Freddie. In this case they will be covered over, so he needn't have bothered.

When I was small my father designed, and had built, a rather nice, traditional, Surrey/Sussex style, tile hung house, with a large concreted terrace overlooking the rear garden. Cat paw prints were all over the terrace from day one, and no doubt are still there. I think we wouldn't have had it any other way. It's kinda traditional!

So, Freddie, your signature will probably be buried by tomorrow lunchtime; and you'll have to look elsewhere for your feline immortality.

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  1. It's been happening ever since dinosaurs stepped out of the ocean and onto the mud, Cro. (verification word for this? 'track')

  2. When they lay new concrete sidewalk (aka pavement) here in NOTL, invariably something or someone makes an imprint before it's dry. Either animal tracks, leaves or Crazy Joe loves Maddie...I kind of like these concrete's a shame Freddie's Hollywood-style paw prints will be covered.

  3. It seems over here whenever we lay cement we write the childrens names and the date in a corner,it is lovely to walk over the path and look and remember the day instantly.Maybe Freddie thinks he is a celebrity and just doing another signing,have a lovely weekend ,I am off the babysit our sons children a rare priveldge for me we have not seen them for months so excitment plus this end of the world.

  4. Freddie said, 'I'll be back!'

  5. I once had dog who came home from a day's adventures with both of his front legs and his snout completely covered in thick cement. I often wonder where he left 2 neat little holes and a nose print - probably some poor bugger's new patio..


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