Tuesday 10 August 2010

It Doesn't Stop.

Take a few tables and benches, stick them under the shade of a huge walnut tree, add a bunch of neighbours and some sunshine, and, Hey Presto, we have all the ingredients for a six hour marathon eat-fest. Another neighbourhood street party makes its debut.

We assembled at 12.30, chatted, drank Pastis, and greeted those we hadn't seen for a while. Then at about 2 pm we sat down to eat. We compared each others pat├ęs, grilled a pile of merguez, and tucked into mountains of brochettes. Somehow time just floated by, and we continued until 6.30.

The children all behaved perfectly (wheelbarrow rides were provided by teenagers), the adults became noisy, and France seemed even more attractive than it's been for the past 37 years. Does life get better than this? Not for me it doesn't.

I hate to mention this, but at 7.30 we left for our second BBQ of the day! Diet again soon.

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  1. Sounds just wonderful Cro,lovely to see people taking time to smell the roses.Carole

  2. The bottom picture has some interesting elements. The man, top, with hands behind back, has been living 'outdoors' for several months. He left his last flat after a dispute with the owner, and will only move into a new one in September. In between time his home has been a white plastic garden chair. He lives with a Volvo estate and his dog Rex.

    In the foreground, with her back to camera, is my lovely neighbour Laurence. She has quite recently taken over the running of the family farm. Her name crops up here occasionally.

    In the middle of the picture, sitting with hat and glasses, is my neighbour Madame D. It was she who very patiently explained how to prepare all the local specialities that we now take for granted. I owe her huge thanks. She's not too well at the moment.

    Bottom left is Lady Magnon herself, busying herself with children as usual.

  3. Woops, Lady M is bottom right!

  4. I'd settle for a ride in that wheel-barrow.

  5. Actually, Cro, if you carry on eating like that, a wheel-barrow might have to become your way of getting from banquet to banquet, with a little help from Lady M.

  6. It all sounds very joyful Cro...Have you ever read any of the Marlena di Blasi books? This feast is very reminiscent of her life in Italy...you might enjoy them.

  7. Tom, at this particular feast I only drank water, and restricted my appetite. Later that evening however I did let go. But a few months ago you would have been right!

    Jacqueline, I don't know her but I'll follow your advice.

  8. I love all the stories you have for each person. I really enjoyed reading this!

  9. I love hearing about all these parties you go to Cro. Hang the diet, meeting up with all those lovely people that's what it's all about. I like when you put names to faces. Laurie looks very young to be running a farm, hope she gets some help. The outdoors gentleman looks very fit and healthy. Perhaps his dog Rex is better company than the folks he left behind at his previous address. Hope Madame D is feeling better soon. I enjoyed reading all this too. Thanks for a great post.


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