Wednesday 4 August 2010

The Specials-Skinhead Moonstomp (1979)

Plenty of energy here. The Specials from 1979 featuring Terry Hall getting extremely upset with some over zealous security guy (59 secs). The Specials gigs were always chaotic, and this is a good example. Nowt wrong with chaos, especially when you're a 'young' teenager, which all this lot seem to be. By the end, there are more ON stage than OFF. Brill (when you're 15).

So, put your braces together and your boots on your feet... Let's get Moonstompin'.


  1. Sorry about the gap... Can't seem to fix it.

  2. Was this an exclusively male event Cro?

  3. I think Ska in general is very MASCULINE. I'd not considered it before; thank you.


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