Tuesday 1 June 2010

Soup anyone?

Here in S W France, lunch is always refered to as 'la soupe'. No surprise, therefore, that these beautiful old soup tureens turn up on a regular basis at boot sales and antique fairs.

This is my most recent buy. It's smaller than my other one (perfect for the Magnon's meagre gruel), plain white, and only very slightly chipped.

The top probably doesn't belong to the bottom, but who cares. They look OK together.

I paid €10 for it, and I've seen much the same things, in similar condition, for three times that; so I'm happy. We've already used it several times, but with summer approaching no doubt it'll soon be going into hibernation.

Who said you can't find bargains any more!

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  1. A handsome tureen, Cro. I always have one of those round, plain, salt-glazed, single handled pots which cassoulets are cooked in, and the one I use now was discarded by a French farmer's wife years before I bought it in a flea-market.

  2. Tom. Back in college days I went with Simon Fletcher to visit the stones of Carnac. En route we came across a 'dump' where SF found a large steel handle-less frying pan. He took it back to England, fixed the handle, and I believe is still using it to this day! Wonderful what folk chuck out.

  3. Carnac is on my list of places to visit - it's not far away after all. I wonder if there's a connection to the Egyptian Karnac (which I have visited), and the French place? It seems the urbanisation of France made everyone want new stuff like La Cruset (or however you spell it).

  4. I think Carnac/Karnac is coincidence.

    Le Creuset stuff is excellent; we have rather a lot of it. Lady M will be over to give you a good ticking-orf.


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