Monday 21 June 2010

Courgettes, New Potatoes, and Raspberry Vinegar.

The courgettes have really taken off, and from now on it's quite a job to keep up with them. We're having a lot of 'twins' this year (see top right), almost every plant has supplied them; a bit like chicken and their double-yolkers.

Only treasure hunters and vegetable gardeners can really understand the excitement of discovering what hidden secrets lie beneath the soil.

Other than having 'tickled' a few small potatoes a week or so ago, these are the first proper new potatoes of the year. They are unblemished, good sized, and plentiful. What more could one ask.

I shall cut them into quite large pieces, boil them in salted water, and when cooled to 'tepid', eat them drenched in Walnut Oil and lightly sprinkled with Maldon-style sea salt. Wonderful.

I've just noticed that my new bottle of Raspberry Vinegar is featured in the photo above. Our first raspberries are always made into vinegar. We have a variety that fruits twice each year, and we only actually 'eat' the second autumn crop (Raspberry Vinegar is much more important).

To make Raspberry Vinegar: Take a good handful of ripe raspberries, pour over plenty of colourless vinegar, add as much sugar as you think decent, and wait 24 hours before straining, boiling for 5 mins, and bottling. This is inaccurate science, where common sense is essential. Your summer salads will be eternally grateful. Google will of course offer correct quantities, but frankly....

I believe it's also very good for sore throats, although, as I consume Raspberry Vinegar throughout the year, I never actually have one.

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  1. Hi Cro..I am wondering if your courgettes are what we call zuccini they certainly look the same.Your potatoes look great ,sounds delish too. the Solstice must be a English/European enjoyed time as I have noticed it on blogs but we do not actually hear of the term much here, is it the shortest day of the year as we call it? lots of questions today..have a good one. Carole

  2. Yes Carole, Courgettes, Zuccini, all the same thing; just baby marrows.

    As for the summer solstice, it's also known as mid-summer, but this year it seems rather poorly named. The winter solstice falls on Dec 21st, also known as mid-winter, Saturnalia, etc etc. Niether are particularly celebrated these days other than by gardeners, old hippies, and some pretend Druids.

  3. Please excuse my 'Niether'. I did of course mean 'Neither'.

  4. That reminds me of how much I miss our old property and our vegie garden. Mind you it is the winter solstice here and time for food such as our lunch today of pea and ham soup

  5. They're known in my neck of the woods as zuccini. They certainly look lovely, as do your potatoes!

  6. Cro,
    Thank you for the comment on my blog. It allowed me to discover yours! The raspberry vinegar sounds lovely!

  7. Hi Cro - our courgettes are starting to fruit now - got six so far. Like the idea of the raspberry vinegar - the raspberries are nearly ready so will try that recipe. Sounds good. Btw is the person who writes Amy Saia your sister?

  8. oh yum you have zuccini already! I'v never seen double ones before, they look so lovely. Enjoy for all of us who haven't even planted their zuccini!

  9. Molly. My sister comments under the name of 'Susan Heather' (see above). She lives in NZ.

    Linda. These 'twin' zuccini are everywhere this year. I'm wondering if it's the new variety that I sowed!!


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