Thursday 24 June 2010

Everyday life in June.

The walnuts are now in their sweet pickle. Not to be touched until Christmas (I still have plenty from last year).

The mid-day sun is not to Freddie's liking. He stays indoors and rests until supper time.

This is the first tasting of this year's Elderflower champagne. Not quite as fizzy yet as we would like, but in a week or two's time that should change.

From our covered lunchtime terrace we look through potted figs at the unspoilt landscape beyond. With the sun overhead at mid-day, it's only mad dogs and Englishmen who venture out.

Black Hollyhocks (well almost). Aren't they wonderful?

These are on my grandson Finn's Pear tree. I had said I would remove all the fruit as the tree (like Finn) is so young, but I couldn't resist leaving just a few. It's a Doyenne de Comice; the world's very best pear tree!

Builders eh? Don't you love em! The foundations are in. The concrete screed is laid. But we now wait for a load of building sand to arrive before Baptiste can actually put the walls up. Classic!
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  1. Pears, and figs, walnuts and Elderflower champagne. And that view.! It looks heavenly.

  2. It IS Raz. Every day I think how lucky I am!

  3. So many wonderful things in this post! But, as we know, they are all a result of your hard work. Enjoy!

  4. That elderflower champagne looks scrummy. I wish I'd had a go at making some now but I didn't have the right bottles. I could just drink a glass right now...

  5. Well cro no post today does that mean NUrse has not got that mouse and Mr Cro is still ill if so get well soon..Carole


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