Wednesday 23 June 2010

R.I.P. Frank. 1956-2010.

The wonderful Frank Sidebottom (a.k.a Chris Sievey) has just died, aged 54. Comedian, aspiring singer, general odd-ball, he had become a national institution.

'Dressing-up' seems to be a very British thing to do. From The Beatles to Adam Ant, from Boy George to Frank Sidebottom, the desire to attract attention through eccentric clothing crosses all boundaries within British music and comedy. Who could ever forget the Glam Rock days of Slade's Noddy Holder and Dave Hill, or the teeny-bopping Bay City Rollers?

So, goodby Frank. You made us laugh, and you enriched our lives. We keep saying 'You'll never see the likes of him again', but they keep turning up, and no doubt someone else will come along to take his place; the tide never really turns.

Just imagine spending your whole professional life inside a big papier maché head!


  1. I'm sad to admit that I've never heard of him. That's why it is so good to come here and find these things out.


  2. Hi Cro,Well I think you have earned the roll of "Educator" on here. I have not heard of him either,I seem to be learning all sorts of little bits on your blog.Thanks Carole


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