Monday 14 June 2010

Scruffy Oscar.

Regular readers might remember Oscar. He's the one who caught the deer (18.03.2010).

Regular readers might also remember that my friend Terry's dog, Molly, died back in April.

Anyway, Oscar's owners wanted rid of him, so guess who said she'd give him a new home; yes of course, it was my old friend Terry.

Oscar's one of those dogs that you just know will become a really good family pet (given the right owner!). Sadly, he's been previously owned by the WRONG people. He's been slightly mistreated, locked up in a garage, and when he became surplus to requirements, just cast aside. I imagine he was a Christmas present for the previous owner's two small girls, who've probably now discovered the delights of inanimate dolls instead!

He's about 3 years old, begs attention and affection, and just loves having fun. On the same principal as Molly having been my niece (and I her uncle), I'm now hoping that when Terry goes away, she'll leave the lovely Oscar with me, and I shall return to playing Uncle Cro. I can't wait.

The only sad thing is, that the poor dog looks so pleased to be rid of his previous owners who live just 100 metres away.

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  1. Well Cro you know they say kids and dogs can pick the best people, I imagine that this lovely dog will end up at your home,and well pleased with the outcome.Carole

  2. Some of the best and easy-to-get-on-with dogs are ones that have previously been mistreated, it seems. My friends here have a little poodle which they rescued from France, and it is as happy as anything, and despite the fact that it has no eyes, it gets around extremely well and gets on with his terrier mate well too. How he lost his eyes is too horrible to recount, but he has had 11 years of happy existence here since then, and seems very content.

  3. Jeez. What a dreadful story. I'm glad you didn't go into details!!

  4. He's got the sweetest little face!

    (1 stick of butter = 113.5 gr or 1/4 pound or 4 ounce or 1/2 cup)

  5. Thanks again Willow. I did see it on your page.

  6. I love dogs so much, and I just about cry anytime I hear sad stories about them. They're so loving. I hope you get to hang out with sweet Oscar : )


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