Saturday 5 June 2010

Haddock's again.

It's the beginning of June, and I think I've done my last bit of rotovating at Haddock's before autumn. Almost everything is now in, and I've just left a bit of space for a few winter cabbages, etc, that I might pick up along the way.

The first artichokes are poking their heads above the foliage. Some of the tomatoes are beginning to set. Two rows of French beans are up. My winter leeks have all been planted. And the aubergine and pepper plants are looking really healthy.

I saw some good looking red cabbage plants at market last week, so six of those have gone in too. We have salads and radishes, and I shall dig some new potatoes tomorrow. The only thing looking a bit miserable are my ridge cucumbers, so maybe no gherkins this year (unless I buy them). Happy gardening!

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  1. p.s. I've just noticed that I have baby courgettes, and that the aubergines are in flower.

  2. I love your garden, Cro. The potatoes are looking well as is everything else. Our potatoes at the Mill are not as forward as yours, though they're starting to skin over a bit in the polytunnel. Looks as if you've sorted the whitefly problem.

  3. I want my own Haddock's.

  4. If I was World President, T, everyone would have their own Haddock's.

  5. Cro, I'm nominating you!

    (My word verification is "houtma", so I've decided to nominate you for World Houtma. Besides, that "president" word is so overused.)


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