Saturday 19 June 2010

Oy; Fatso! Look, but don't touch.

I am a reasonably big guy; 6 ft 1 inch, ex Rugby player, ex rower. But whilst Lady Magnon was away in Australia this winter, I have to admit that I did make a bit of a pig of myself (you are what you eat). I took advantage of her absence to indulge in all the forbidden delights of charcuterie and pork butchery; and paid the price!

On her return, Lady M noticed at once that I'd put on weight, and informed me that I was looking a bit bloated. In fact, in the two months she was away, I'd gone up from 16 to 17 stone; the heaviest I've ever been.

Since then I've given up eating certain foods, and it seems to be working. I no longer eat cheese or charcuterie. No bacon for breakfast, no lunchtime joints of roasted belly pork, no slices of chorizo every time I pass the fridge, no slabs of emmental or cantal on the cheese board, and no paté to start every meal.

Otherwise I'm eating and drinking as before, even if summer food is naturally less calorific than winter's.

So far I'm down to 15 and a half stone, and I shall keep going. I don't have any specific aim in mind, I just want to feel lighter, and possibly more energetic. Nothing has been difficult, and I'm not feeling deprived. No doubt if I also gave up drinking the huge quantity of red wine that I do, I would lose weight much quicker, but certain things are simply SACRED.


  1. Oh that's tough giving up bacon, paté and cheese. I've been married to a vegetarian for 29 years and somewhere around year ten had to gobble down a bacon sandwhich in a London pub just to stay sane.

  2. Susan, it's only temporary; I hope!

  3. please send air mail some of your self control!

  4. I was just waiting for that!!

  5. 40 years in the waiting? I hit 16 stone once, as a result of 4 meals a day after middle-age. I looked like 'Pob'. Managed to lose 3 stone in 3 months though, simply by not eating as much. Simple but effective, eh? Good luck.

  6. Sounds like you're on the right track there Cro, good job! I used to be able to snack all the time with no problem, but having kids really changed that. Now I try to have certain days where I only eat brown rice for lunch and then carrots for snacks. The problem seems to be the weekend, where snack food is all over the place.

    One piece of advice: don't eat granola. Holy cow that stuff has tons of calories!!

    I love your new sidebar- that's really cool.

  7. Eat less, exercise more. Easier said than done. Alas.

  8. Cro - you've done really well. I was a bit alarmed at the picture. All those raw and cooked meats together - not good news! Hope the rain didn't wash the veggies away at Haddocks. All those salad crops and new potatoes (with lashings of butter). We should have our first meal of runner beans tomorrow.

  9. Molly. If I tried to walk across Haddock's at the moment, I'd sink in about 6 inches! Lucky you with the beans, I only sow dwarf French beans and they're not nearly ready.

    Enjoy your sunday, Cro.


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