Wednesday 16 February 2022

Taking precautions.

And, on much the same theme as my previous posting, here in Brighton folk seem to have suddenly gone mask-less (apart from me). I was in town briefly yesterday and I appeared to be amongst about 1% of the population who still wear a mask in public.

My oldest (Kimbo) has just flown to Singapore on business, and sent me the photo, below, of a man wearing full Hazmat suit for their mutual flight.

There certainly is a more relaxed attitude around about Covid. I think people are simply fed-up with it all and have become blasé. I'm not quite sure what the man above thought he was achieving by wearing his suit; the virus is more likely to attack you through your mouth or nose; seldom your elbows or knees. 

Poor Kimbo needed a negative test before taking his flight, and now that he has arrived he needed another negative before being allowed out of his hotel room. When he called me yesterday morning he called it his 'cell'. He's now received his 'parole'.

He's had a more intimate association with the virus than most of us.  

p.s. Please excuse me if I don't reply to all your comments, I've torn a muscle in my right shoulder, and typing is almost impossible, and painful.


  1. Ouch. Take it easy with the shoulder, but don't rest it so much that it gets frozen.

  2. It is rather labourious to one finger type. Masks are dropping off here too, especially outdoors, where they aren't required anyway. We still cover up where people are about.

  3. Go for a shoulder and neck massage. It will help. There must be plenty of places offering this in Brighton.

  4. Sorry to hear about your injury. I do hope you recover soon.

  5. Where I do my food shopping ( Waitrose in Harpenden) I would guess that 95% are still wearing masks, including me!
    Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

  6. As masks aren’t obligatory in most places anymore, many don’t wear them now. And many don’t like to be told what to do !!!
    Hope your shoulder heals quickly …… get the Deep Heat on it ! XXXX

  7. The wearer of that suit looks a right idiot. We still wear masks, some of the time, but everyone is very blasé now. We've all had enough.
    I wear mine in a shop and on the street but only because it's still the law here. Don't want a fine.
    I think I'll be wearing it in the supermarket for months to come. Just feels safer. Some of the extended family have had it now. Some with few symptoms, one that ended up in hospital . I just want to keep clear

  8. Here still with masks everywhere. I think I will continue to do so even when it is not mandatory. Around me there are people with the omicron. Older neighbors, but with them it is easy because they are vaccinated four times. I wish you to feel good soon.

  9. We are still wearing masks, don't give a toss about the odd looks we get. We know too many people who have been poorly will covid. Hope your shoulder heals quickly, try and get the balance between resting and not seizing up.

  10. Cro, I am a damaged case. Right from the outset I wasn't perturbed by Covid at all. What will be will be. However, I observed (like a hawk) the two meter distancing rule, mask, the lot.

    Now, it's become a habit. Anchored in my system. DON'T COME NEAR ME. With the exception of the Angel, of course.

    Trouble is, naturally, that a lot of people appear to labour under the misconception that the mask will protect THEM. No, it's to protect others from your potentially being a carrier (and, yes, the vaccinated can still infect each other). However, there are masks (industrial strength - they look like dangerous dog muzzles) that will protect YOU, to some extent, too. The Angel bought them. Plied me with them. You talking about cost? They are £2.50 a shot. Awful contraptions. Still, needs must. I wish I wore a burqa.

    Anyway, where I live shops will ask you, in an understated way, to please keep wearing masks for the sake of others.

    Hug (not),

    PS Throw some paracetamol at the immediate shoulder pain. Let time (say, two weeks) do its bit and you'll be as good as new.

  11. Yikes. Sorry about the torn muscle. Pulled muscles are bad enough.

    I just have this irrational fear that when it comes time for my pre-flight covid test, I'll test positive. I am quite nearly a hermit at this point.

    Take care of yourself.

  12. Masks are mandatory inside in MA and all are complying with an exception occasionally. My neighbor's teen daughter got ill and the parents got sick. The teen son remains fine throughout. All test negative now but the mother is not well...long Covid. All were fully vaccinated. Take care of that shoulder; it sounds painful.

  13. Each to his own. DH was diagnosed with Covid a few weeks back. We are triple vaxxed... so we were shocked. Thought he had a cold... sneezing, coughing, no fever, didn't feel bad. Lasted about a week. We basically stay home, wear masks, do curb-side pickup, etc. But whatever... he's fine. I've never had any symptoms. But as Ursula says, it has become a habit. I will continue to wear my mask and have that 'don't come near me' attitude when out. After 2 years, it's become ingrained...

  14. We are still wearing Nour masks..we had a visit to England and it felt most odd.. although many people were wearing masks and keeping a comfortable distance.

  15. Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm feeling a little better this morning, and can type with one finger slowly. Back to normal today I hope.


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