Tuesday, 26 February 2013

BB and the Beau.

Seeing as I'm out of action for a couple of days... I got to reminiscing!

In 1966 I was dealing in antiques in London's Chelsea. My partnership with Justin de Villeneuve (Nigel Davies) had just ended, and I'd set-up on my own dealing in early European polychromed wood carvings; mostly ancient religious artefacts. Justin was just too busy establishing little Twiggy as a model, to bother with antiques. 

It was late Summer, and Brigitte Bardot had just recently married Gunter Sachs. Unbeknown to me, and probably to everyone else, they were spending part of their honeymoon in London.

I remember looking around and seeing her holding some rather nice piece, and saying something like 'zees iz booty-fool';... and that was the extent of our encounter.

But more interesting (at least, it was to me), was that Herr Sachs was wandering about by himself, totally indifferent to his new bride, whilst BB herself was accompanied, VERY attentively, by her magnificently attired chauffeur.

BB, of course, looked stunning, but her chauffeur stole the show. He was tall, very tanned, extremely handsome, and kitted-out in a black uniform with gold buttons. Black chauffeur's hat, jacket buttoned to the neck, jodhpurs, and knee length leather boots; all impeccable and very impressive; I'm sure you can picture the style. 

Had someone asked me which (between the two men) was her 'beau', I would have definitely picked the chauffeur.  

Her marriage to Sachs only lasted a couple of years.... I wonder why?


  1. Damn me, Sir, if it's not the ruddy gamekeeper it's the bloody chauffeur.

    I've sacked the lot of 'em. Drive meself around now, takin' potshots at me pheasant with a Purdey mounted on the radiator. Use a bit of string to pull the trigger and have a small woman trained to crawl out and reload. Keep a spare in the boot, in case she falls off.

  2. oh my what a brilliant tale....... I want more.......Chelsea in the 60s??? Yes puleeeeese..........!!

  3. Gunther must have had something in his arsenal! Hope the shoulder is healing up nicely...

  4. I am sure he was just doing his job. Of course, some jobs are better than others.

  5. oh I think I'm quite glad that you are having to "rest"...if this is what we are going to get now !!!!!...my chauffeur can't even ride his bike at the moment!!

  6. what an interesting life you have led, Cro.

    1. I just happened to live, and work, in an area where 'celebs' were thick on the ground.

  7. Have you ever thought about writing a book? Or are you, for the most part, a very private person, believing it's nobody's business? ;-) I get the feeling you might have been quite a rake.

  8. Hmmm, I'm thinking if Herr Sachs had "better things to do" than pay attention to his beautiful bride on their honeymoon, the marriage was doomed from the start.

  9. Chauffeurs drive the nice car, and know the workings of the back seat. Maybe he was back there a lot?

  10. Crikey she is a stunner isn't she (or wasn't she perhaps?)and a man in a uniform is always easy on the eye....what more tales of the swinging 60's do you have Cro?


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