Saturday, 2 February 2013

Very Expensive Piss.

Dontcha just love Tamara Ecclestone!

An evening out at Mayfair's Aura Club, with a few friends, ends up with them collectively pissing away £30,676.25p.

Of course, (daddy's) money is nothing to arch-bimbo Tamara, but wouldn't it have been wiser to have spent just the £76.25p on booze, and given the other £30,600 to some worthy cause. One might even have thought kindly of the poor dear, rather than thinking what a complete plonker she is!

Just an idea, but she could have had the booze delivered to her newly purchased £78 million 'Fleur de Lys' mansion in LA, invited her chums around, and probably still had change from a $1,000 note.

But then, she may not even know how to find her 'Fleur de Lys' mansion.


  1. I'm sure the staff will enjoy the £4001.77 service charge though.

  2. Oh please, give the lady a break! After all of her research in medical science we begrudge her a drink? Her father was the pioneer that brought us heart transplants and Tamara has worked tirelessly to find cures for cancer - of COURSE they should be rolling in money after the amount of good they've done!

    Oh, hang on though, my mistake ...


  3. More money than sense as my mother used to say.

  4. In condemning Tamara: I ask myself if this an example of Be-grudgery or Forgetfulness of times when on a lower level other's have similarly pushed the boat out!
    I know that I have and probably / hopefully will do so again if given the chance :) !

    1. But I doubt if you would to the extent of £30,000. I, myself, occasionally go mad with £10 (it's the devil in me).

    2. £10! You extravagant beast!

  5. That would have kept me in booze for a month.

  6. plonker? love the term! I didn't even know who this gal was...but I am always appalled by the excesses of the uber-rich. Of course they are free to spend their money (or daddy's or mommy's) anyway they choose -- but should they? Bad taste, bad publicity. Shame is obviously a feeling she is not capable of.


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