Saturday, 9 February 2013

Merçi Monsieur Leclerc.

As an ex-pat, there are still just a few things that I miss from 'back home'.

England is justifiably proud of it's colonial past links with India, and the English have embraced Indian cuisine with open arms; curries now being on top of the English list of favourite foods.

I recently suggested to my local supermarket that they add certain Indian foods to their range of foreign foods (which they did), but the one they ignored was Brinjal Pickle.

I'm extremely happy to say that this too has now arrived, and I purchased the two jars, above, this morning. I just hope they live up to the standard of my usual brand, Patak's.  

Thank you so much M Leclerc.... Now, how about some really good Melton Mowbray pork pies?
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  1. Oh yes, I developed a love for curries when I lived in the UK in the Seventies. In those days Indian cooking was completely unknown in NZ, now I am very happy to say that there are curry houses everywhere, even in the little country town closest to where I live. And a small range of Patak's products are available too.

    1. Until recently France was very reluctant to sell anything non-French. Things are slowly changing.

  2. That looks as if it's going to be really hot - will you be showing pictures of you turning puce.

    1. It's actually a sweet pickle, Elaine. Not hot at all!

  3. I too love a curry, but ask me to detail why and I'd be lost. A curry just "is".

  4. I mentioned you yesterday! We went to the Indian cookery class. It was very interesting, we made chicken curry, chickpea and Indian omelette!
    I shall blog about it, when Bini sends me the photos she took.

  5. love a good curry...we have a superb curry house very close!....but we are loving the latest Monty Don contribution....gardens in France...this week was wonderful ....potagers!

  6. We too love curry and all types of East Indian foods but sadly the nearest restaurant is five hours away. We make do with shopping trips to big cities here in the UP to get ingredients or mail order them. I've never had the pickles! Will have to search them out.

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  8. Ze knobs are flashing, ze knobs are flashing! Why are ze knobs flashing? And who are zees men?’

    ‘Oh be quiet you stupid woman, it iz a massage from England!’

    Cue static… ‘Hello chaps! Hope everything is tikkedy-boo! Special delivery of explosive Brinjal for Agent Cro will be dropped at Oh Three Hundred in Monsieur LeClerc’s garden. Tell him to leave the khazi light on, give our chap in the Lysander a chance! Dashed awkward getting this stuff by the way, had to talk to some of our chaps in Delhi so try not to waste it’

    Later in the Café…

    ‘Alo! Bon Soir! I am Ranji Rahm, a poor Brinjal vendor from India come to ply my wares! ‘ in hushed whisper: ‘M, Le Cro, it is I, LeClerc! I have brought your explosif Brinjal that was dropped by ze Breetish’

    ‘Oh ma God! Don’t put zem ‘ere on ze counter you mad old fool! Yvette! Please show M Rahm into ze back room!’

    Enter stage left (where else) lady in macintosh and beret, the Maquis!!!

    Listen, I shall zay zis only once. Renè must serve ALL of zis , BOTH JARS, to Oberst Von Strohm, Lt. Grüber, Hauptmann Geering and General Von Klinkerhoffen. You must make sure zer iz no toilet paper in ze loos of ze chateaux zen, tomorrow morning, when zey are all stuck on le bog, we 'ed for ze coast wiz ze Breetish pilots. By ze way, Monsieur Cro, 'ave you painted ze Fallen Madonna with ze Big Boobies and stuffed it in your sausage yet?'

    C'mon Cro, somebody had to do it. LeClerc? Supplying kit from UK? To an Englishman in France? It was begging for an Allo Allo skit. As an aside, I met the whole cast of ‘Allo ‘Allo on Thetford Training area in Norfolk when they were filming the concentration camp episodes. Interesting that the producers felt the most realistic set for a concentration camp was Army Training accommodation!


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