Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This junior quad bike has been abandoned by the side of a nearby woodland track for the last week or two. It belongs to the 18/19 year old daughter of my near (orange wall) neighbour.

a. Has is simply run out of petrol, and she's waiting for daddy to buy a new one (with a filled tank)?

b. Did it have a 'Free to good home' sticker on it, which has disappeared in a gust of wind?

c. Now that she has a boyfriend, does she perhaps look upon it a past 'My little quad' girly toy?

d. Is it maybe fitted with an explosive device which would be detonated by sitting on the saddle?

e. Is 'black and white' too 2012?

f. Has it been placed there for the dogs, to make up for the lack of rural lamp-posts?

g. Could it be the first foreign 'Boris Quad'?

h. (or probably the most likely) She's simply forgotten where she left it; or even owned one!
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  1. Ah, les yoof of tudday. With luck she will have been abducted straight off the saddle by aliens. Easy come, easy go. Is there a crop circle nearby?

    1. No, but I may be doing one soon; especially if it frightens them orf.

  2. OOh will we ever know? I won't sleep tonight for wondering!

  3. I think "e", no "f", oh what the heck, if I were you, I'd go for "b" take a ride and have some fun. Then get some help to throw it over the orange wall.

  4. Did she leave the key in it?
    Has she been murdered and is lying in the woods?
    Have her parents even noticed?

  5. When it gets sorted out, I'd like to know what happens. There is a story here, I am guessing.

  6. I dislike those earth eaters...I say torch it! A la monkey wrench gang. You can be Hayduke and Lady M can be Bonnie.

  7. I guess she simply got bored with the monotony and walked home.

  8. Wow, rather a pricey thing to have lost track of!

  9. Boy, these neighbors are a case study.


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