Friday, 28 January 2011

Just Another Typical Day.

5.30 am. Wake-up, get-up, dress, stagger downstairs, listen to BBC radio 4 news.

5.31 am. Make coffee, burn toast, boot-up laptop, yawn just once, stretch.

5.45 am. Check Emails, reply to urgent ones only, read favourite blogs, post something fascinating, feed cat, let dog out.

9.00 am. No sign of Lady Magnon, make second cup of coffee, return to studio, wander aimlessly, search for lost dog.

10.00 am. Lady M spotted poking fire.

10.30 am. Ensure that we have the necessary for lunch, walk however many dogs turn-up for dog-walking, bring in logs, stoke fires.

12.00 am. Serve gourmet lunch, make amusing comment about Lady M's night-attire, receive thunderous looks.

12.30 pm. Snooze for 10 mins whilst not-watching some soporific TV show (Judge Judy a favourite).

1.00 pm. Search house for Lady M's lost reading glasses & handbag, fill chainsaw with oil and petrol, saw mountains of logs, separate fighting dogs.

5.00 pm. Prepare dinner, select most appropriate wines, help look for Lady M's lost hairbrush and other essentials, reply to non-urgent Emails, walk various dogs (some previously unseen), first glass of wine.

7.00 pm. Serve gourmet dinner, avoid Eastenders, write various lists, doodle, make sure Lady M has comfy pillows, snooze until bedtime (11.00 pm).

5.30 am. Wake-up...........

p.s. If you should see me sporting 2 black eyes, it's because I walked into a door; honest!

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  1. What happened to you on the 6th? We waited for ages before starting lunch at Highgrove - the consomme was cold by the time we began.

  2. You must have gone in Jan; I'm going in Feb. Any ideas for a small prezzie for Camilla? I thought perhaps a packet of 'Love Hearts'.

  3. How about a voucher for a decent hair-dresser?

  4. That is a busy day! You'd better get on that speech . . . haha.

  5. Knighthood. No swearing. ((squawk))

  6. Two gourmet meals every day! Good grief...I can barely manage one. I'm impressed.

  7. I really liked this today had a few giggles as the gourmet meals are perhaps the reason for the blog a while back about the pillow?maybe it was not a pillow up the jumper afterall..either Lady M is very spoilt by you or you are telling tell us what you really prepared for lunch and dinner lol


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