Sunday 17 October 2010

The Sunday Thought: Bloggers.

This question has no doubt been asked many times before, but subsequent to Andrew Marr's statement (thank you Tom), who or what are bloggers? There seems to be a number of constants. When I read the 'about me' profiles of different bloggers, several things crop up time after time.

Of course, above all we love writing. We are often involved with 'the arts'. We are outdoor people, gardeners, and nature lovers. I think we probably like animals. We are family conscious. We read. We go to the theatre and the cinema. Hopefully, we are cultured individuals.

We are probably insomniacs, as we always find the time to do things that others don't. We are disciplined folk.

We probably like antiques. We would certainly never drink from, or eat off, plastic. We are also lovers of good food; what we eat, and where it comes from, is important to us.

I think we are 'good' people. We don't steal or act irresponsibly. We are probably how we wish our friends to be.

Do you recognise yourself?

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  1. I recognised myself right up until the last paragraph, Cro.

  2. Tom, I think I know you well enough not to have you excluded from ANY paragraph. Even about irresponsibility.

  3. I drink out of a plastic cup once in a while.

  4. And most of all Cro, we're a community of friends looking out for each other! Well that's what I've found anyway! That ain't bad in my book!

  5. Does tupperware count as plastic?

  6. I've just consulted Google, and it seems as if Tupperware is something for storage!

  7. I like your description of us Cro, (and the way it's written too). I'm with Molly...that's the best part of us, the taking care.


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