Thursday 28 October 2010

Little Britain - Press Conference Sir Norman Fry number 2 of 3.

I always manage to end up with a blank space when I post anything from You Tube. Just scroll down... It's there, I promise.

I need a little laughter in my life at the moment, so here is some English comedy at it's best. Sir Norman Fry (David Walliams) could be any one of dozens of our 'real-life' politicians. Matt Lucas is perfect in the role of his all-knowing, all-forgiving (ahem), wife.

British politics is such fun; it's filled with characters like Sir Norman Fry, and we just can't wait for the next juicy scandal to come along. Talking of which, there should be another one quite soon!


  1. This was so great!!! I love British comedy so much!

  2. That was David Mellor at his best.Tosser of the century.
    So you were in one of my favourite Ridley Scott films..'The Duellists'.
    The book is excellent also;Joseph Conrad 'The Duel'.Can you believe that film was made 33 years ago.
    Thanks for your comments Harvey.

  3. Purrrfect, thanks R.
    Me too, my special uncle just died. He was living in Aussie, moved there just after my parents died, 6 years ago!
    Then my sister's husb died just last month suddenly, massive heart attack.
    Somehow it feels important that i be in UK for couple of (the coldest) months.
    Will write from there.
    LOVED the self Portrait....Farnham??
    Tower looks remarkable....what will he be doing in there???
    xxxx cathy


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