Thursday 14 October 2010

Old Chestnuts.

I used to own these two wonderful old chestnut trees. They were in a small wood that came with the first French farmhouse that I bought way back in 1972.

These are very old grafted trees that produce excellent quality nuts. Unfortunately disease has now claimed many amongst them, and I fear for these two also. Notice where the cows have been rubbing themselves against the delicious swirling and knarled bark.

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  1. Cro...I just want to hug these beautiful old trees! They are glorious!

  2. It's such a shame that those two trees have succumbed to disease, Cro. Is that what's caused the swelling at the top of the trunks or is it from where they were grafted? Amazing how the cows rubbing against the bark have caused a 'rope twist' in the bark!

  3. I love the swirly bark. Hope they last for a while longer.

  4. Hi Cro,these look like they are swathed in ball gowns how absolutely beautiful mother nature is a glorious thing.

  5. I forgot to mention that they're about 200 years old. Yes, beautiful.


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