Friday 29 October 2010

Self Portrait No 2 as Student.

Some time back I posted another, quite similar, student-days self portrait (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; 8th June 2010), done when I must have been about 22/23.

This one, which I probably painted just days later, I'd almost forgotten about. It's been sitting on a top shelf in the studio gathering cobwebs and cracking-up for years. I think a twelfth generation of mice are still in residence behind it. I couldn't get it down to take the photo, so that's why the elongation is as such; the blue bit bottom right is a fly spray thingy that just got in the way, nothing to do with the picture.

There must be thousands of such pictures stuffed away in dusty lofts, all painted by ex-young-high-minded-aspiring-student-artists.

I wonder what I was thinking about; what my ambitions were? I do remember what was mostly on my mind in those days, but that's another story....

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  1. Ambitions of a Gaugin lifestyle which also allowed for building up your collection of dried dog-turds, perhaps? (that's confused them)

  2. Hubba Hubba! It does remind me of the other one, which I thought was quite nice as well.

  3. Amy. This one's a little more 'slick'.... not a good thing.

  4. Slick or no Cro...I like it.

  5. That's really good Cro. What was on your mind? Go on tell us. We won't tell anybody honest!

  6. So Che.
    I'm surprised no one else has mentioned that (and apologies to those who have)


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