Wednesday 27 October 2010

Evening Is Nigh. (But not as nigh as all that).

I seem to be having a series of bad-news days. Maybe at my age it's quite normal to hear of old friends dying or becoming seriously ill.

However, Cro is alive and well, and extrememly pleased to be so. OK. I have one or two little niggles that I could do without (a dodgy knee, diabetes, and a spot of sciatica), but the Teeth, Tripes, and Waste Systems (very important), all function as designed.

Maybe my pleasure in being alive is because I live in a place that I love, I'm completely mobile, and my current building project is both fulfilling and going according to plan; proving (I suppose) that the brain also continues to function reasonably well. None of my three children is in jail. None of them is a junkie. And none of them is stupidly over-ambitious for either celebrity, or wealth.

I have beautiful grandsons, a wife who knows how to make a damn good Lemon Meringue Pie, and a small circle of really excellent friends.

But one of these days it is quite probable that all this will change, and I will become just like someone I know locally (and sadly others elsewhere) who is desperate for it to end. I have great sympathy for such people, and would happily assist her (and the others) if legally possible. However, most of us are destined for a difficult end, with inhumane treatment, and unnecessarily drawn out courses of pointless medicine; all of which could be easily avoided.

Allowing an easier end is such a difficult arena. It's filled with loopholes, possible criminal intent, and legal pitfalls. But one day I'm sure it'll all be sorted, and the dignity that dying deserves will eventually be offered to us all. I hope that day is not too far off. Unfortunately I know of far too many cases where doing the 'right thing' has already been denied.

p.s. I've just heard that my friend has died, and am so pleased that nature has replied to her desperate calls. Pam, an ex-actress, lived overlooking the lovely old nearby town of Puy l'Eveque, and had become totally absorbed by the wildlife in her small garden. She recently published a book about the birds that visited, and it almost seemed as if her life's work had been completed. So, RIP Pam Ive. We'll never watch a firework display without thinking of you.


  1. Woke this morning to the first proper frost of winter. Today is also the day we close down the pool; it should have been done over a month ago. Lazy lazy lazy.

  2. I wonder why, with all our technology and advancement in medicine, we can't figure out a way to make a person's final days less tragic? Pain, though, is often our last trail on earth, our last chance to gain a higher understanding of self before moving on, so it's invaluable really. And your care and concern was part of that higher understanding.

  3. I've often thought Cro that unlike common knowledge, when a baby is born, it's not because it decides it's time, but because the mother's body says Enough, come on you - out! Similarly, I like to think that when my time on this earth is done my body is going to say the same to my soul.
    Until then, I'll take care of the basics (as you so properly list) and stay away from doctors.
    I hope your friend is at peace.

  4. I'm sad to hear of the death of your friend. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way, Cro. xx

  5. I'm very sorry about your friends painful and sad end...I know this is a bittersweet passing and pray comfort for you and her loved ones.

    Here is a possible, minor distraction for you (hopefully). My mother finally gave up the fig jam recipe...actually, she really doesn't have one, she just wings it, so getting something in black & white, and in measurements wasn't very easy. But, if you still have figs...(they might be all gone now), I hope you will give it a try, it's delicious.

    This is exactly how she sent it to me:

    1. Wash figs and cut in half
    2. Put in pot with red wine, sugar and lemon
    juice (here's the winging it part, all
    depends on how many figs you use)
    3. Taste until you like it
    4. Cook on very low flame until thick, apprx.
    5 hours
    5. If you like, put in blender.

    Sorry it isn't more precise...I am still determined to try and get more detail out of her, but for now, this is it.

    Again, my sympathies,

  6. You're right Jessica, our fig season is now over, but I'll print off your mum's recipe and definitely try it next year. The ingredients sound good. I've not thought of the red wine part before. The only thing we made this year was Lady Magnon's Fig, Apple, and Raisin Chutters, which was very good..... Again no proper recipe!!

    Thanks for remembering me. A bientot.

  7. Love the picture of the sunset, Cro and all the good things we can/should be thankful for. It made me sad to read of your friend Pam's plight. May she now rest in peace.

  8. Hi Cro, I have been to the place you have been in with the illness of my friend Eva,before she passed she related to the fact that if she were a dog or cat the vet would do the kindly thing beit that we are human and apparently have the need to suffer!!! it is a cruel world for some and when people are taken very suddenly or pass in their sleep they are in fact the lucky ones.May your dear friend be now at peace in a pain free hereafter.All we can do is live well and hope for the best.
    I also agree with your comment about loosing friends at this time of life it in inevitable but not nice just the same.
    On a lighter note that fig jam recipe looks nice..hope this next comment makes you smile then again maybe not! does the saying FIG JAm mean the same all over the world? here if someone is so full of themselves we say they are a fig jam..F..k I'm Good...Just Ask ME!..just wonderfing lol.Have a beautiful day.Carole

  9. All we have to look forward to is the past, eh Cro?

  10. All the more reason to enjoy every last minute.

  11. Carole. Oz is responsible for some of the world's most creative expressions. I've not heard about that one before. One has to watch one's words!


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