Sunday 3 October 2010

The Sunday Story: Ball Lightning.

Physicists are claiming that Ball Lightning is simply a trick of the mind. They are suggesting that Lightning might stimulate the brain to hallucinate, and see bright balls of light within the eye itself. Let me tell you of my experience.

When I left college I bought a large run-down granite-built house in Wales, just over the border from North Shropshire. This ancient house had once been a pub, and it came complete with cellars and stories of missing people. None of which has anything to do with my tale.

It was a rather spooky house, and one night I awoke to see a large football-size ball of light, suspended in one corner of the bedroom. The ball was blueish and very bright, but gave off no surrounding light. I remember turning to Lady Magnon to see if she was awake, and the light certainly did NOT follow my eye (sorry physicists; you're wrong). I continued to look at this strange phenomenon for some while until I simply returned to my sleep.

I've spoken to several people about my experience, and have been assured that Ball Lightning is quite a common occurrence. Personally I'd never before heard of such things, nor have I experienced it since. I'm convinced that our physicists with their hallucination theories will have to think again.


  1. I don't have any suggestions for you on what that might have been. If we're truly talking paranormal here, then I would think it was a ghost orb hanging around some object in the room that it was attached to. Or maybe a guardian angel? Or maybe it was a small mirror reflecting light from a window. . .

    I like the kid's ninja stance in the picture, haha

  2. I am told that ball lighting is electricity in plasma form - whatever that is. Most people who are killed when a digger hits a high-voltage cable in the road, are killed by a plasma burst, and are more likely to get struck if they are about 6 feet from the hole rather than right over it.

    A friend of mine watched a ball bouncing down the nearby hill one sunday, and - he says - it bounced right into the room through the window and straight into a bowl of water on the table. There was a huge bang and flash, then the room filled up with steam. The bowl was bone dry afterwards.

  3. That's amazing. More so because I saw the exact same thing happening on three consecutive Sundays.

  4. All this reading between yours and Tom's lines is making me tired!

  5. Don't worry about it, J - we both have ADS (that's Attention Deficit Syndrome - not AIDS).

  6. That was so interesting Cro. You've just inspired me for another blog post!

  7. Very intriguing stuff.

    I just missed experiencing a lightning strike in my tiny back yard some years ago during a spring snow storm. My then-husband and friend were out back (friend needed her ciggy) when suddenly they both screamed and ran inside to report the strike not ten feet from where they were standing, between the house and the garage. I ran outside, too late to observe anything other than a lot of steamy snow and the distinct scent of sulphur.

  8. Your boy had just done a projectile fart, T. Clear.


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