Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Here We Go Again.

There's nothing the French enjoy more than a good demo, riot, or revolution. It gives the CRS the opportunity to show off their undoubted skills, and the masked hoi-polloi the opportunity to vent their anger against the world.

Give them a bus to burn, a brick to lob, or a trailor-full of manure to dump, and they're as happy as a 'cochon en merde'.

I really couldn't give a fig about the age of retirement in France, most people want to continue working past retirement age anyway. But I do want to be able to buy petrol without a hoard of pimply be-masked yoofs shouting at me in my car and giving me the one-finger salute.

Go on Sarko. Give in now, it'll save you the bother later.


  1. I hate any kind of violent protest, and it seems really childish and stupid for them to bully innocent bystanders just to make a point. It makes no sense!

  2. Cro - we've been watching all this on the news! I can see the same thing happening here before long! Hope you're managing to get petrol OK with having to face the gauntlet you mentioned.

  3. Luckily I do very few K's per week, and managed to fill up about a week ago. All should be OK.


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