Saturday 16 October 2010

Pastures New.

Public spirited brothers Harvey J and Ollie, have become not only talented DIY experts, but also meticulous cleaners, tidyers, and REMOVAL EXPERTS. Well done boys!

My oldest son, Kimbo, and his family will be quitting Edinburgh any day now, and moving down south to London; well, just north of London.

He's not decided where he'll be living as yet, but he likes the look of St Albans. Unfortunately so do many others, hence it's one of the most expensive places in England.

St Albans is a fine city with a beautiful cathedral. In Roman times it was the first main town out of London when heading north on Watling Street; originally known as Verulamium.

Last night my son's staff threw a huge party in his honour; which he was attending in full Scottish regalia evening dress. We had a preview via Skype; sporran, sgian dubh, ghillie brogues, et al. Hmmm. Hope he got home all right!


  1. I would hire them to come to my house, but sadly I already have two removal experts at work. If only they could move on to putting things away. Your two cuties have a real excuse to toss everything on the floor! They're adorable : )

  2. St Albans is a charming place. I remember having picnics in the park by the cathedral and frequenting the Fighting Cocks pub in another life.

  3. I wish your son and his family all the best on their move to St Albans! Just think Cro, they won't have so far to travel to visit you and Lady M which is great! Love the picture of the removal experts. They look like good all-rounders to me!

  4. Sweet boys...I love their sorting system...must be a colour coding thing do you think?
    Good luck all round with the move!


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