Wednesday 13 October 2010

Oh No, It's Cro's Blooming Blunder.

I'm sorry to go on about my wretched roof, but there's no doubt about it; I cocked-up big time.

This is what comes of being a rank amateur, and trying to work things out on paper, or in one's head, rather than asking a seasoned professional.

You see the small 'planks' that come out from the longer ones (the ones that end up right on the edge to make the 'sweep'), well they're too long, and will all have to come off and be re-cut.

Part of the whole roof effect involves the final tile of the overhang lifting slightly to create that pert and sexy curve that makes local buildings so special; and I got it wrong.

So, yesterday I took them all off, re-cut them, and re-positioned them. It pained me to do it but it was essential.

The waste of a day? Not really. Hopefully it'll give peace of mind for ever after, and if this is my only major fault, then I guess I should be happy. Only time will tell.

Actually, yesterday went very well. Not only did we do all the above but we also got most of the new waterproof membrane up, Lady Magnon single-handedly installed a thick layer of insulation (horrible job), and I even started nailing up the laths. Dinner last night was eaten with smiles; and very few expletives.

Another hot sunny day is forecast for today, so things should advance well. In a few days time we'll probably be blaming our tile-maker for keeping us inactive (if he does).

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  1. High Five Cro! Its magnificent! Have loved the process!

  2. The first huge V shape formation of squalking Cranes flew high overhead yesterday evening on their way south. No doubt an early sign of the cold weather soon to come. I always find their departure very emotional. No doubt a lot more will pass by today.

  3. How frustrating for you, but at least you have been able to put it right. How did you realise the error? Did someone point it out to you? (Dammit, I missed the cranes this year.)

  4. Only a small cock-up Cro, if you could rectify it in a day. It's got to last for 100s of years, so not much time in the scheme of things.

  5. Very difficult to explain Sue, but I put up a few tiles to see if they were lying correctly.. and they weren't. It took me some time to realise why, and then find the solution.

    Tom. My sentiments exactly.

  6. Everyone's entitled to one little goof. It's looking mighty fine, Cro. Glad to hear you were able to enjoy a pleasant dinner!

  7. We live and learn don't we Cro...good for you for spotting this before the tiling began. it's all looking rather wonderful.

  8. At least you managed to rectify it, Cro! Well done to Lady M too, for installing the insulation!

  9. Can't believe it's come along so fast! Looking good!

  10. You know Cro better to do it right than wish you did, I have just unpulled a fully all but 3 rows crochet rug as I had mistakenly picked it up and went merryly on the wrong side ,i could have left it and hoped no one noticed but a pro did, I am sure I will be glad in the end just as you are,still think you are both doing a great job!Carole


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