Sunday 10 October 2010

The Sweep of the Roof.

Everything has its highs and lows. And yesterday I experienced both.

My saturday project was to finish the 'sweep', and cover the whole structure with a waterproof membrane.

The sweep outwards just above the 'genoise' is (I think) typically French. It may look like a rather sharp change of angle in it's raw state, but when tiled it softens to a more gentle and sexy curve. It changes the look of a roof from being severe and angular, to fairy-tale and welcoming.

Lady Magnon has lost her fear of ladders and heights, and was running up and down like a pro. So we worked very well as a team, and finished the woodwork in no time.

However, the rolls of silver, multi layer, all-dancing, waterproof, insulating stuff, proved to be a complete bloody nightmare. Firstly the layers were not sandwiched together properly, as I'd imagined. They were simply lying on top of each other, rather like seven layers of tissue paper. As soon as a section was cut, it would fall apart. This stuff might be OK for the interior wall of a garage, but for a tall pointed roof; NO THANKS. An expensive purchase that I ripped off the roof again, in total anger and disillusion; it's now been dumped.

I shall wait until monday and revert to my tried and tested reinforced transparent plastic sheeting. If it's still available.

It's a horrible feeling to be so elated one moment, then completely depressed the next, but unfortunately that's how yesterday finished.

As you can probably see from the above photo, the whole place is a mess. I've simply had no time to tidy up, mow grass, gather fallen quinces etc. I think I need floodlighting... then I could probably continue to work at night!

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  1. Today is 10. 10. 10. An auspicious date. It reminds me of my son's wedding last year in Germany, on 9. 9. 9.

    I've almost recovered from my depression of yesterday, but thought I'd post my feelings excatly as they were at the time.

    I'm having sunday off. I'll go for a long walk, find some mushrooms, and kick fallen leaves. Maybe the autumn wind will revive me.

  2. On the principle that it never rains etc...

    My blogging friend Linda from Snohomish Washington tells us that her daughter Becky died yesterday. Becky has been battling against cancer for quite some while, and very sadly yesterday she succombed. This evening we shall remember her in our own small way, with a period of silence, and a toast to her memory. RIP Becky.

  3. You'll get there Cro - it's looking bloody wonderful already.

  4. I hope things work out. You've put in so much work that it would be a shame not to have it finish the way you planned. It looks great, btw. Keep going!

  5. Courage mon ami...all will come out right in the end.
    Interesting article in this weekend's paper here in Canada. All about the japanese practice of 'forest bathing' shinrin-yoku. Not actually bathing, but 'taking in the forest atmosphere. The purpose of the forest therapy is to provide preventative medical effects by relieving stress and recovering the immune system diminished by stress" According to Prof Miyazaki of Chiba University, results show forest bathing can significantly lower levels of cortisol along with blood pressure and heart rate.
    So Cro...yes, go for that long walk and let the autumn winds revive you.
    (It's also Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, so I find being grateful for this precious life helps too.)

  6. Your place looks good to me, Cro! I think you can be well pleased with the work you've both achieved. Hope the rain keeps off!

  7. Forest bathing sounds good to me. Don't you just love those Japanese!

    It has rained rather a lot, but all will be fine. We start afresh today; revived.


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