Friday 30 July 2010


I was just looking at a photo that I posted on 26. 7. 10. and noticed that an Australian guy at the end of our table was smoking. Amongst the aprox' 300 diners, I noticed only two who smoked.

I have nothing against those who wish to smoke (I myself devoted many years to the practice), but here in La France Profonde it has all but died out, and now, when one sees someone smoking, it's almost like looking into the past.

Both Lady Magnon and I used to smoke, and in the late 90's we both decided to quit. Lady M used 'The Crochet Method'; every time she felt the urge she'd crochet a skull-cap instead. She now has a box-full in assorted colours. Personally I went for the slightly easier 'Scottish Method'; I simply didn't buy any cigarettes.... No fags, no smoking.

A simple calculation tells me that since quitting; between us, we've saved well over £20,000.

So, if you're a smoker, enjoy your smoking (like Barry), and if you're trying to quit, then try my method.

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  1. You must have smoked a hell of a lot between you to have saved £20,000 in French, low-taxed tobacco since 1999!

  2. Despite what you might think, with the cigar smokin' mamas on my sidebar, I've only smoked once in my life. A cigar, just a few years ago. One of those little girlie ones, but I could tell from the sensation, I would be a chain smoker, if I did.

  3. You're probably right. I've no idea how much fags cost. I was thinking about a fiver a pack.

    Anyway, what is a 'simple calculation' is bound to be wrong; let's alter it to £10,000 or even £5,000. A lot anyway!

  4. I've never smoked crack for the same reason, Willow!

  5. My other half smoked from the age of 15 when the farm workman used to offer him the odd ciggie. He smoked thereon until he was in his 50's. Usually 80 a day and almost paid the ultimate price. He had to have half of his right lung removed. He had - you've guessed it! I went to the hospital with him and stayed in Birmingham 10 days for moral support. That ward he was in is something I'll never forget. He hasn't touched one cigarette since although he says he could still murder one on times. But he was one of the lucky ones.

  6. My mum smoked from 16 until the day she died, even though four years before her death she was hooked up to oxygen 24/7! We kids all believed she would blow her face off. Interestingly, we are four...and I never remember a moment when Mum wasn't smoking...and none of us smoke.
    Brilliant Husband has smoked since his teen years...gave it up for 11 years and then we moved to England and he started all over again.
    Something I have never had the compulsion to do.

  7. Something that was once so normal is now taboo. I find myself looking in amazement at smokers; maybe that's the reaction of an ex-smoker. No doubt teetotalers would look at me in the same light.


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