Monday 26 July 2010

And It Continues....

This particular fete was at a village (Pomarede) which is about 10 miles from us; we've been going for the past 37 years, as we have several friends there.

It was a beautifully warm evening, and we dined on grilled lamb to the sound of accordion music (as one would). All the children danced whilst we ate, and the festivities went on late into the night.

One of the real pleasures of this fete is that we are served at table by volunteers from the village, and it would be difficult to find a more pleasant and attentive group of 'waiters'. The wine flowed, the lamb was perfectly cooked, and everything was plentiful.

I would like to thank our friends who hosted a pre-dinner drinks and nibbles get-together, as well as everyone involved in the evening's organisation. It was simply fabulous.

The two blonde heads at the bottom of the photo are junior dancing Magnons.

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  1. "we dined on grilled lamb to the sound of accordion music (as one would)"

    This is such a great line.

  2. That looks wonderful. Looks as if everyone's having a good time. I clicked on the big picture before I read your write up and guessed that those two little stunners were your grand sons. Been scanning for pics of you and Lady M - where were you hiding?

  3. Like Molly, I saw those two shiny golden-headed boys and knew who they were! Looks like a great gathering. Your descriptions were vivid and brought it all to life!

  4. Molly. I was behind the camera (best place), and Lady M was hiding. However my oldest son is just beyond the chap in navy with white stripes (nearest table), and his lovely wife Eva is opposite wearing glasses. The navy with white stripes man is Craig McGinty; the brains behind

  5. I seem to remember we dined on grilled lamb to the sound of the most terrible "boom-box" music, so loud, even though we were at the other end of the table.... where was the accordion ?


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