Wednesday 14 July 2010

Chemin party

We live in what's called a 'lieu dit'; literally a 'place called'. The best translation would be 'settlement'. It's just a group of houses out in the countryside, that somehow join with others to become a village. How the postman finds us all, I'll never know.

Anyway, last night we held our annual 'lieu dit' party. There were about 30 of us, plus dogs, plus children. My oldest son, Kimbo, had just flown over from Edinburgh with his wife (elbow bottom right) and his two lovely boys (Ollie right, between elbow and Kimbo), and didn't even have time to empty the hire car before being dragged off to eat.

This year we welcomed several new-comers. Two houses have recently been sold and this was our first opportunity to meet them all.

It was a perfect summer evening. Good food (we each brought our own), good wine, and good company. Even Lady Magnon (back to camera) behaved herself..... I, of course, didn't.

To all Froggies, and would-be Froggies, out there, I wish you a happy Quatorze Juillet.

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  1. oh, I'm so sorry Lady Magnon didn't have any fun! Enjoy your family!

  2. I'm guessing that it is your half-full plate in the foreground, Cro - to busy talking or too busy drinking (or both) to finish it?! I am again amazed at how your boy resembles you at his age.

  3. Handsome devil, ain't he! I think the plastic plates belonged to the grandsons!!

  4. Ah, this is the quintessential idyllic European gathering I always imagine. Wonderful!

  5. Fantastic. Love that kind of party - good food, good wine, good company and the weather looks as if it's good too. I know it's none of my business but who's the young lady in black leather handcuffs? Is she one of your new neighbours?

  6. Blimey, Molley - well spotted! Gimps in the hood! (pronounced 'gamp')

  7. She's the daughter of a regular vistor 'next door'. A Parisienne!!! I don't know her name. Her lovely mother (old friend, red headband left hand side) has been driving the same VW Golf convertable for as long as I can remember; something of which I thoroughly approve.


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