Friday 9 July 2010


There are two basic types of pomegranate trees; one that just flowers, and the other that makes fruit. They both look pretty much the same, and actually have the same flowers. So why just have the flowering type?

I had a friend nearby who had a well established tree by his pool that was always covered with fruits; and I WANTED ONE TOO.

A visit to my local Garden Centre proved instantly successful, and I was promised that the one I had chosen was, without question, of the 'fruiting' variety.


On hearing my story about three years later, my friend with the established tree simply pulled off a couple of small branches, and instructed me to just 'stick them in the ground'.

They are all in flower at the moment (not my favourite colour, but....), and I've never seen them quite so covered.

Sadly, the fruits are not edible. The word 'sour', doesn't even come close! I just like the idea of having pomegranates growing in the garden.

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  1. Oh well, it looks nice. The 'sourness' of pomegranates is like a sort of alum, isn't? It instantly takes all the saliva out of your mouth - maybe you could market a natural anti nail-biting solution with your fruit?

  2. They look almost like azalea plants. The flowers are stunning.

  3. Pretty flowers, and I like the waxy looking leaves. Sometimes it can take awhile for fruit tress to produce, and maybe in a few years you'll get a surprise crop.


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