Wednesday 7 July 2010

Oscar.... again.

Yesterday's posting was a vague reference to Oscar's recent operation; he's just had his family jewels removed. Had he needed a blood transfusion, he would have required canine blood-type Scruff-bag-minus (the best).

Oscar's new owner is away for a while, so he's come to stay for a couple of weeks. What a lovely dog he is; obedient, spirited, and generous. He even gets on with our Freddie (kinda).

This is the type of dog I really like. Unknown 'terrier-ish' variety, scruffy, and faithful to the last. He doesn't bark all the time, and I also happen to think that he looks rather nice.

Welcome Oscar. And don't blame me about your missing nuts!

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  1. lol poor Oscar but at least he is having a nice holiday.Carole...PS I know a few politicians at the moment that need the same op.

  2. I think you have a female one who needs it most of all.... It COULD be arranged.

  3. A rather fetching centre-parting on his coat too.

  4. He looks like a real sweet guy. So sweet that I'm about to start speaking in puppy language!

  5. Amy, he's been 'slightly' mistreated in the past, so he has that 'I'm so grateful' look about him. I think he can hardly believe his luck (to have his new owner, I mean).

  6. How on earth could anybody even think of mistreating Oscar he's an absolute little treasure. So glad he's got somebody who appreciates him at last.


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