Thursday 29 July 2010

Greengage Summer.

My picture probably doesn't tell the entire story, but the Greengage tree in front of the cottage is audibly groaning with fruit. The branches, which normally point skywards, are now nearly touching the ground; some have already broken off.

The Greengage is a curious fruit; when fully ripe it is far too sweet for even foolhardy cherubim to consume, but catch it just right (semi-ripe) and it's delicious.

The problem is, what do we do with all these plums. We've been thinking of taking them to a secret location to make Eau de Vie, but here there are problems. Firstly I don't drink spirits, and secondly the secret location is so secret that.....

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  1. This fruit is unknown to me Cro never heard of anything so sweet you can't eat lol must be perfect for fermenting but if you could just find that place ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....


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