Friday 23 July 2010

Patience is a virtue.

Arms crossed, waiting patiently, Oscar sits by the kitchen door.

We've just returned from a short walk, but he wants me to take him somewhere where he can really stretch his stubby little legs. Possibly chase a deer even.

Oscar is the nicest dog I've encountered since my own dog, Hamlet, died over 30 years ago. If I believed in reincarnation I would swear it was he, come back to console.

Sadly he has now returned to his owner, Terry, but as she lives just a few hundred metres away, we'll keep in touch.

The saddest will be Harvey J and Ollie, my grandsons, who've overcome any fear they might have had of dogs, and have both, quite understably, fallen in love.
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  1. Being a French doggie, I expect he says "Barque!"?

  2. Occasionally he says "Come on Tin Tin, it's zees way".

  3. He really is a cute little guy. And you can tell he is sweet just by looking at him. Hope he gets to come back soon so we can hear of his adventures!

  4. Oh, I missed your birthday Cro! Happy Belated!Its a good year I'm sure!


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