Saturday 3 July 2010

Drawing upside-down.

Firstly, may I say that I am not presenting this drawing as anything but extremely ordinary, throw-away, and slapdash. Honestly! You can tell by the lined paper.

Have you ever tried drawing someone upside-down?

A few years back my oldest son, Kimbo, was sunbathing here at the cottage; right in front of where I was sitting. I immediately thought of drawing him that way round. I'd never done this before, and the idea seemed appealing.

Anyway, I drew the above and only when I'd finished did I turn it around to see how I'd done. It kinda looks like him, but possibly not as much as if I'd done the same job from the opposite angle. In fact it looks more interesting this way round.

Had he been a jug or a turnip, it would probably have made no difference, but a person; and one that one knows so well.... If you're of an artistic persuasion, and have never tried this, give it a go!.... Post your result maybe?
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  1. I have never tried this but the other day I was having a look at a TV series and the young mans face was on a still shot for such a long time, knowing that we all have 2 totally different sides to our faces I have never really noticed it on anyone, but this young man,his eyes were totally different as was particularly his mouth, the left side a gentle soft look and the right side quite a sneered look,I could not wait for the show to come on the next evening so I could have another study.If his face was made up of two right sides he would look like some criminal lol but the right side very sweet.
    No wonder some who are of a vain nature ask for the pics to be taken on their best side.

  2. Carole, I think with many people, if you make a whole face with two mirror-image right sides and two mirror-image left sides, they look like totally different people. I think this is why we find symmetry so attractive.

  3. It must be a good way of ridding yourself of the compulsion to predict what you are looking at, Cro. Her Indoors often draws without looking at the paper, and the results are pretty impressive. A good test. I have a new modem now, the other finally died on thursday. Hooray! (?)

  4. I've tried that too (not looking at paper). I also occasionally draw with my left hand (I'm right-handed) which is 'interesting'. All this stuff keeps us on our toes and thinking.

    Nasty storms here last night.

  5. I tried drawing someone upside down once but I kept falling over...

  6. I fall over if I try to draw 'anything', after two bottles of Rouge!!!

  7. That's a great exercise, I'm definitely going to try it on one of the kids this weekend. Your drawing came out very nice even if you say it doesn't look exactly like your son. I like the lines.

  8. My sister once taught art, and this is how she began her class to middle-school students who claimed that they couldn't draw. It was always successful!

  9. T, that's really interesting. I wonder how she came upon that idea?


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