Friday 13 November 2020

The Washington Pantomime 2020.

We are pleased to announce that the 'White House Players' panto this year will be that old favourite 'Cinderella'.

The cast is as follows.....

Cinders: Kamala Harris.

Ugly sisters: Malaysia (Salmonella) and Irania (Listeria) Trump.

Baron Hardup: Don Trump.

Buttons: Barking O'Barmy.

Prince Charming: Joe Biden.

Fairy Godmother: Whoopie-Cushion Goldberg.

The story is as follows. Poor Cinders is harassed by her two ugly step-sisters Salmonella and Listeria. Her hapless father, the Baron Hardup, can neither stop their nastiness, nor halt the increasing popularity of Prince Charming.

Cinders receives an invitation to Prince Charming's ball, but her nasty step-sisters try to stop her attending. Eventually Cinders' Fairy Godmother comes to her aid and she arrives at the ball in all her beauty and glory. 

Prince Charming notices her at once, and before the evening is over he asks for her hand in marriage. Baron Hardup, however, is not happy; he sees the marriage of Cinders and Prince Charming as a threat to his lofty position, and tries to stop their engagement. Cinders ignores her father, and with the help of her best friend Buttons, she overcomes his protests and marries her Prince. They live happily ever after.

Any reference to characters living or deceased is purely coincidental.


  1. Replies
    1. It's getting Trump out of The White House to play his part that's the problem.

    2. He'll go. There's no (Constitutional) choice. And in 1800 and 1812, two other outgoing U.S. Presidents refused to publicly concede an election without preventing their duly elected replacements from taking office. Many are just tired of the drama, and no doubt your comment section will quickly be filled with ugly or outraged quips about #45, which is all part of the same drama... that #46 has promised to get us all past.

    3. Panto is the great leveller. Trump will be no greater star than Prince Charming.

  2. Trump has no choice. He'll go, albeit, kicking and screaming. Sort of equates to a child having a tantrum. As an aside, I like British panto and have enjoyed many performances in London. Even the street performers are good.

    1. I think, after hearing him yesterday, that he's come to realise that too. About time!

  3. I am glad for your disclaimer at the end. In my ignorance, I was drawing parallels to actual people.


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