Saturday 20 April 2019

Cro; eco-warrior?

I must, firstly, state that I am as concerned as anyone about pollution and 'global warming'. I just don't fly halfway across the world (like Dame Emma) to demonstrate about it; nor do I disturb London's traffic, or leave piles of empty plastic bottles, etc, as a reminder of where I've glued myself to a lamp post.

What I do do, however, is to treat nature with respect, and not as a dustbin. I grow a lot of what we eat in as 'eco' a way as possible. And we keep our throw-away rubbish to a minimum. I buy my wine 'loose', and I stick price labels directly onto whatever I'm buying, rather than use plastic bags.

In other words, I practice what I preach, and I don't pollute or cause chaos in order to demonstrate what a cynical, hypocritical, environmentalist, do-gooder I am. 

It's right that students complain about issues that concern them; students are professional thinkers. But, please, please, do your demonstrating in a park, don't leave the place littered with rubbish, don't park some silly pink boat in Oxford Circus, and please leave the police to do what they are there for; to fight friggin' crime.

If you do otherwise, you'll lose whatever support you might have had.


  1. Oi! I've just done a post on all this!

  2. I am watching the yellow vest protest on Facebook Live and think who is cleaning the streets of Paris on Sunday morning.

  3. They don't want to know how we oldies are naturally 'green'. They want to be able to take their gap years, fly anywhere at a moment's notice, and think that everyone in the countryside should be just fine with the idea of electric cars.
    I find it quite worrying that, in educating our young about the natural world, we seem to have made some of them convinced that the end of the world really is imminent, to the point that they are suffering depression over it.

  4. People have to go up Mt Everest every year and remove tons of rubbish. Is nowhere safe from the litter louts? I often see cans of a famous energy drink dropped in the hedgerows. Obviously not enough energy in the drink to operate the human brain. Saving the planet is impossible. The planet will do what it wants to. As it always has and always will. The least we can all do is treat our home environment the Earth with respect so long as we are fortunate to be here. We have only been here a few seconds on the universal clock but already we have done considerable damage and pollution and driven many creatures to extinction.

  5. Absolutely! Not to mention targeting the most sustainable forms of public transport i.e. buses (here in Oxford) and trains

  6. I am afraid that most people aren’t prepared to take the necessary steps to make enough of a difference.

  7. There are rights and wrongs on all sides - too much litter, too many children, too much pollution - nothing is as it should be in an ideal world. At my age I find it impossible to get really het up about any of it - I shalln't be around. My children, grandchildren and great children will - but they, like us in the past, will have to fight their own battles, make their own way in the world. I do what I can environmentally -I can't do more. But I am appalled by the mess that the protesters leave and the way they hold up the traffic, causing pollution in the process.

  8. What a load of sanctimonious rubbish some people talk if they want to fall in with popular opinion. I am guessing that Chloe and Ursula are still here because you have better things to do involving grandchildren, Cro. See you at 5.15 am... not.

  9. When I lived by the beach, people would bring food and then after eating it on the way back to their cars toss it over my fence. What they can't take their trash home ?
    Every morning/evening I would go out and pick up Hamburger bags, KFC boxes with the bones, juice boxes, soda cans before my dogs would be let out. The worse was the syringes and dirty diapers !
    So many people are stupid gross cockroaches.

    I agree with what you and Weaver said.
    cheers, parsnip

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Rachel, have you taken your blog down? I've not been paying attention this past week and have just now noticed. Hope all is well in your part of the world. x

      Sorry, for the interruption, Cro!

  11. SORRY FOLKS; THEY'RE BACK. The trolls have reappeared for Easter. They just can't control themselves!

  12. Ignore the trolls Cro along with the Mumbai escorts. I enjoy all your posts and the comments from your readers. I am not brain of Britain but I like debate and discussion and you facilitate just that.How's Billy and those Grandsons having great times no doubt.


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