Sunday 10 November 2013

Fig Eaters.

The only problem with Fig trees is the huge amount of nasty huge Hornets that they attract.

But, like most country folk, I have a simple answer. A big old jam jar with a pierced lid filled with beer, some of Lady Magnon's Strawberry jam, and an over-ripe fig; they can't resist.

The one above had only been put out for about two days when it was almost overflowing with dead and alive Hornets. I don't know where their nest is, but as soon as the sun shines (rarely recently) they're back.

I suppose there must be a negative side to wherever one lives; one of ours is certainly these bloody Hornets. Dangerous!
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  1. I've been stung by wasps, honey bees, a scorpion and one hornet. The scorpion sting was really bad. The hornet was worse. And those hornets are like heat seeking missing missles, they will track you down.

    1. We now have two varieties. The bog standard (huge wasp-like) one, and a recent import called the Asiatic Hornet. I'm not sure which is worse!

  2. Eeek. They sound nasty. We live a very sheltered life here. White-tailed spiders and wasps are about it. In the States horse-fly once got me. That was not pleasant.

  3. Wow! I've never noticed any hornets around my fig tree. Could they be lurking and just waiting for me to make a wrong move? My problem in recent years have been bats and spiders...I hate both!

  4. I will remember that tip for trapping them.
    We had zillions last time we were chez nous in the Loire, which made me very nervous. Anything that helps to get rid of a few is worth a try. Thanks.

  5. Slugs are my bugbear all year round.
    Wasps are a seasonal pest. You can''t eat outside without them bothering you. My dog snaps at themm and my best friend has a life threatening reaction to the stings.I have a wasp trap similar to yours.

  6. Add hornets to the snakes we have here and my misery would be complete!

  7. Hornets terrify me; I'm probably one sting away from carrying an epi-pen as standard outdoor gear. We have them, and I attribute it to the woods. I suppose the old apple orchard doesn't help.

  8. I got stung this year by ground wasps. At least eight or nine times, and maybe more. A nurse in my knitting group upon seeing the rash on my arm after the attack thought i might need an epi-pen at some point. Two weeks later, a tick decided i'd be a good meal ticket, and i had a real struggle getting him off me. He had dug in on my other arm. Don't suppose he was bothered one iota by any of the wasp venom still coursing through my veins. sigh.


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